Terms of Use

Terms of Website Use

  1. 1.Disclaimer
    Browsing, and use of, the Website (including other websites that can be accessed through links or domain names contained on the Website; this definition shall apply hereafter, excluding Section 3) are at the sole responsibility of each person who browses or uses the Website (hereinafter referred to as the "User").
    SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. does not guarantee the content (including authenticity, accuracy, legality, validity, morality, timeliness, completeness, existence of approval of use from a rightful claimant, and non-infringement of the rights of a third party) of services, contents, data and information provided by the Website (hereinafter referred to as "Information"). SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the Website.
    SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. will also not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur through browsing or use of the Website as well as for any loss or damage arising from Information contained on the Website or from delay, fault or omission existing in or related to the Information thereon.
    SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. will not be held responsible for any actions conducted by the User, the contents of business tie-up contracts or other contracts executed between the Users or any trouble related to these which are based on the Website.
  2. 2.Prohibitions The User is prohibited from using the Website or Information therein, whole or in part, for profit-making or commercial purpose (whether through use, reproduction, duplication, copy, upload, download, transmission, sale, resale, or any other format; this definition shall apply hereafter).
  3. 3.Attribution of Rights The Website (that is under the management of SBI Biotech Co., Ltd., but excluding other websites that can be accessed through links or domain names on the Website), Information thereon, and copyright thereof (excluding copyrights belonging to third parties) belong to SBI Biotech Co., Ltd.
  4. 4.Caution Regarding Publishing Information on the Website
    The User will be held responsible for information that he/she publishes, discloses, or provides (hereinafter referred to as "publish") on the Website, and SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility.
    Matters that violate laws and regulations
    Matters that infringe the rights of others (including intellectual property rights), damage to reputation, personal privacy rights, trustworthiness, and other personal rights
    Matters that are considered to be intimidation, harassment, and defamation to others
    Matters that are obscene, lack moral character, or are problematic from ethical viewpoints
    Matters contrary to the truth
    Other matters determined to be inappropriate by SBI Biotech Co.,Ltd.
    SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. may conduct a prior check on information which the User wants to publish. If SBI Biotech Co., Ltd., as a result of a prior check, determines that information includes any of the foregoing matters, such information may not be published and already published information may be deleted or changed. In such a case, SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. may also stop or limit the use of the Website by the User, or delete the ID and password of such User if determined to be necessary by SBI Biotech Co., Ltd.
    SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. may save information published or requested to be published or disclose the same to a third party if required by laws/regulations, if necessary to respond to claims from a third party, or if determined to be necessary by SBI Biotech Co., Ltd.
    If the User requests SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. to publish information on the Website, such User will be deemed to grant SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. the right to use such information and will not exercise his authorship rights with respect to such information.
  5. 5.Scope and Revision of the Terms of Use
    These terms of use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") will be applied to all of the Users of the Website, and each User shall faithfully comply with the provisions of the Terms.
    Individual provisions provided on the Website or any other media by SBI Biotech Co., Ltd., shall be considered to be part of thee Terms.
    The Terms may be revised as necessary. Changes in the Terms are effective when SBI Biotech Co., Ltd. publishes changed provisions on the Website.

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