SBI Biotech focuses on immunomodulation drug development.

For the immunomodulation drugs, we are developing DNA nucleotide drugs targeting TLR and antibody drugs targeting dendritic cells.

Our Drug Innovation Technology / Platform

Our immunomodulation drugs are expected for lower side effects, considering the mechanism based on inherent immune functions and thus they may be allowed for the use in the elderlies as well. Considering the cancer therapies, conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy are notorious for strong side effects and patients often suffer from loss of physical and mental strength. Moreover, there are lots of patients who are not curable with current therapies; we focus on discovery and development of such innovative immunomodulation drugs for the unmet medical needs.

Our Major Technologies

TechnologyBrief Summary of Technology
Dendritic cell platformDendritic cells are the cells, which senses bacteria or virus and control immunity in the body. We aim to treat autoimmune diseases and cancers by the development of innovative drugs which modulate or suppress activities of dendritic cells.
Currently, we are especially interested in a type of dendritic cells, plasmacytoid dendritic cell (pDC).

Platforms & Pipelines

Dendritic cell platformAntibody drugILT7(VIB7734)
DNA nucleotide drugGNKS356

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