About SBI Biotech

Our Goal

With rapid progress in modern medicine, we are facing the longevity era, yet there are still many intractable diseases. Further, many of the standard cancer therapies often cause physical and mental sufferings such as pains, nausea and loss of hair; in some cases, patients are forced to be away from work because of long period of hospitalization. In the case of autoimmune diseases, current therapeutic drugs may have severe side effects. Therefore, innovation of new drugs to improve QOL (quality of life) is urgently needed.

Our goal is to develop innovative drugs providing a qualified healthy life to the patients.

To achieve the goal, we focus on development of molecular targeting drugs and immune modulation drugs with lower side effects and higher efficacies, based on our technologies on DC platform.

Research & Development

SBI Biotech mainly focuses on dendritic cell platform-based innovative drug development.

As an R&D-type bio-venture company, we do not have abundant human resource like in the case of general pharmaceutical companies and we mainly focus on our activity in the early stages of drug development. Particularly, our biggest hurdle is the clinical studies / clincal trials which we need huge budgets to support our clinical trials on human to test drug safety and efficacy.

We have been trying to utilize our human and financial resources efficiently by early licensing of our pipelines in the preclinical stage, instead of performing the clinical trials by our own. For the early stage licensing, we have tried to provide excellent products by the world-leading research team with the expertise in dendritic cell manipulation. We have successfully proven the feasibility of the business model since we succeeded in licensing of our early stage dendritic cells targeting antibody, anti-ILT7 antibody to MedImmune. We will continue our efforts in early licensing activity by our highly competitive research team.

On the other hand, recently, major pharmaceutical companies are rather motivated to license-in the pipelines at advanced stages, such as the one with established POC (Proof of Concept). Especially the nucleotide drugs are the major examples for the pipelines with difficulty in early licensing; there are not many products already approved and enough accumulation of data on efficacy and side effects due to the lack of experience in such novel species of drugs. Thus, we are also establishing the strategy to perform the early stage of clinical trial by our own until obtaining POC, in parallel to the licensing activities at early clinical stages.

Areas of Focus (Our Drug Development Fields)

SBI Biotech strives for novel drug development targeting cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Currently the newly ongoing drug pipelines are mostly targeting the diseases without satisfying drugs or therapies. For such diseases, the discovery of new drugs is eagerly and urgently needed.

Lots of countries including Japan have financial supports or fast drug approval systems for the new drug candidates targeting such rare and intractable diseases, especially the ones designated by governments. We expect to take advantage of such supports aiming swift progress of our drug development activities.

Besides partial coverage by approved regular health insurance, Research Project for the Specified Disease Treatment, offered by Japanese government, also financially supports the medical burdens of patients with designated diseases, which may resolve the problems in sales of the products due to the narrowness of the market. After the drug development in such rare and intractable diseases, we may expect to enlarge the market by expansion of target indications and increase the profit from drug sales.

Global Research Network

We have a scientific advisory board composed of world leading immunologists specialized in immune receptors, cytokines and especially in dendritic cells to support, who will ensure our innovative research and drug development. Furthermore, most of our researchers have fruitful research experiences in immunology at the world’s top institutes. Thus we became the world leading company in the dendritic cell-based drug development.

Our board members and advisors have global network to ensure making the global alliance with world class pharmaceutical companies.

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